Revitalising resources: a re-examination of video in the language class

David Kaye

While the focus in ELT is increasingly on 21st century learning, how, by turning the focus to 21st century teaching, can we use established media, such as video, in ways suited to today's. Even for the avowed teaching 'technophobe' video provides reliable content both as input and output, with countless ways for implementation in the classroom. As an authentic resource it has an intrinsic educational value, with the added possibility of placing learners as co-producers of content.

Just as teaching and learning is constantly evolving in new and innovative ways, so is technology constantly changing and developing, providing us with new teaching opportunities. These include one-stop resources such as ActiveTeach, which enable us to present a range of content, including video, quickly, easily, and in an interactive way, and video podcasts that allow 'on-demand' learning outside the classroom.

This session will focus on the classroom potential of using video, while suggesting practical ways to successfully integrate video content, using new technology, into our daily teaching practice.