Generating creative language with young learners through multimedia

Jonee de Leon

Children have wonderful imaginations, fed by their natural curiosity, which are often stimulated by the sights and sounds that they experience from day to day. However, traditional teaching has often discouraged children from using this creative energy in the classroom. The unwritten rule seems to have been that, in their lessons; children would simply concentrate on the words on the page, rather than tap into their formative experiences beyond the classroom walls. Technology now allows us to show stunningly realistic images, in the form of both pictures and video, at the touch of a button. These images accurately represent what the children actually see in their daily lives, on trips, in the home and on TV. Using this technology in class enables the teacher to, in a sense, bring the world outside into the classroom. In this session the presenter will demonstrate examples of how technology can be used to encourage thinking skills and generate creative use of language and in this way enhance the communicative abilities of young learners.