Engaging young learners for results: breaking the study-test-forget cycle

Ian Bosiak

The study-test-forget cycle is something that many teachers and students have plenty of experience with. It happens when students study several isolated targets and then have to cram for a test. Once that is complete, they focus on a new set of isolated targets, and the cycle continues. But why is this cycle so familiar? Popular English language courses are designed to present a variety of different language learning targets. However, many of these English courses do not do a very good job of integrating old targets with new language. They lack sufficient recycling and reviewing to keep students continuously using the language that they have learned. So what can be done to break this cycle? Come and join us to talk about the causes and effects of the study-test-forget cycle. We will then discuss various planning and teaching techniques that you can use in your classrooms to engage your students and to help them actually learn what you teach them.