Empower Your Teaching by Adapting Your Course Book

Christopher Allen

As teachers develop they often want to be able to use their course books in different ways to more effectively teach their students. They want to maximize engagement, provide more practice, develop fluency and a host of other things which relying on a course book is unlikely to enable you to do to the extent that you would like. In short, teachers want activities, which are flexible and easily lend themselves to adaptations.     

In this practical workshop, you will learn how to maximize engagement, provide more fluency, and blend outside sources to compliment your course.  You will be introduced to a framework to help guide you through the process then be given plenty of examples.

The example activities demonstrated will cover vocabulary, grammar and speaking.  They presenter will show how he adapts them, then demonstrates the new versions, while explaining how they effectively engage, develop fluency, and cater to a variety of learning styles