How to make vocabulary learning fun for children

Paul Grainger

Many students in Vietnam and other Asian countries view vocabulary learning as a necessary, but painstakingly boring task. Teachers often give students lists of English words with their Vietnamese translations to memorize, and then be tested on. This technique, if used as the only method of ‘teaching’ vocabulary, usually results in students losing motivation not only for learning vocabulary, but also for learning the English language as a whole. Motivation is, arguably, the most essential ingredient to successful learning. As a result, teachers need to make learning vocabulary a fun, involving & active process.

In this talk, the speaker aims to share a wide variety of motivating techniques and resources for presenting, practicing and reviewing vocabulary. Some of these techniques will be demonstrated with the audience acting as students, so they get a clear idea of exactly how they are conducted in class. Teachers will leave this workshop with practical ideas they can implement immediately in their classes.