Computer-assisted projects for esp students: examples of speaking activities of tourism and hospitality students

Doan Kim Khoa

Thanks to the technology development, learners have more opportunities to improve their English proficiency, even in non-English speaking environment like Vietnam. The workshop will demonstrate clearly how teacher and students in Tourism and Hospitality can do their projects in English with the help of technology.

The illustrative examples of the projects are the students’ video clips about conversations between tourist & tourist,guest & hotel staff, guest & restaurant staff, tour guide & tourist.

The learners’ needs, project objectives, procedure, special requirements, assessmet criteria, opportunities and constraints of the task will be discussed in detail. Overall, the outcome of the projects is to motivate the students’ autonomous learning. Furthermore, it will provide them a learning environment beyond the classroom, which is closely connected to their major. Hence, ESP students can reinforce their speaking skills as well as professional skills related to their future job.

Technology can a useful tool to encourage students to be active and creative in learning English for their major purposes. However, a suitable type of project and practical guidance should be given according to a particular context of each class.