Preparing Students with Video - and Humour!

Gavin J. Biggs

It has been said that the problems with education cannot be fixed with technology, and it might be said that each new innovation in ELT can be the cause of more harm than good. The majority of classrooms can benefit hugely from educational software, even if there is a steep learning curve for both students and teachers. Frequently, however, technology is not used to its full potential. In this talk, we will focus on the huge range of activities that using video in the classroom can bring. How can we harness the power of video in the ELT classroom? It’s imperative that we tap into what learners are watching online and use video as a medium for learning. Bringing video into the classroom is far more than just an easy way to get students engaged with a topic. Teachers who attend this session will learn how videos also represent a unique opportunity to engage with our learners using humour, and how to make their classes truly memorable.