Practical Yet Inexpensive Ideas For Using Technology In Teaching English

David Nunan

Using technology in an English classroom doesn’t simply mean to have a projector and put the whole book onto the screen, in which case there is virtually no difference between that and a traditional class. In some big centers and universities, more and more software has been used to facilitate teaching and learning. However, it seems that inadequate attention has been paid to the use of technology in ELT, apart from some presentation software and the unlimited source of ready-made materials on the Net. There are actually many other good tools for English teachers, but they are not free, of course. This paper is a quick review of some online sources and freeware and shareware that can be used by English teachers to add variety to their lessons. The focus is on ready-made materials and user-friendly programs which can help teachers make their lessons more interesting to learners. Some other programs can help teachers present their lessons more effective and logically, involve students in out- of-class activities and create, collect and analyze survey results more quickly. Some examples and demonstrations will also be provided to help teachers visualize how the technologies can be applied in their classrooms.