Where are we on the way to elt standardization? A user’s analysis of English language teaching and learning in Vietnam

Tran Xuan Thao

English is taught throughout the school years, and for many students, another 4 years in college. National language policies have been rigorously reviewed and introduced. Across Vietnam, thousands of English teachers have been trained from excellent language education programs, either in Vietnam or from abroad. Training workshops have been organized to refresh the teaching methodologies. Revision of English textbooks has been of priority of the national campaign for the promotion of language learning and teaching. All are meant to reinforce standardization in the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language with the hope that they will promote the teaching and learning of English so as to open the new horizon both for the individual and for the nation to integrate into the world. Yet, the result is not very encouraging: many learners cannot use the language for communication, both in life and in business. They fail half way to success. Throughout the talk, the speaker will discuss the failure in details, not from the viewpoint of a language trainer, but as a language user.