Appropriate methodology: The role of methods and approaches, and efl teaching-learning in Vietnam

Duong Thi Hoang Oanh

Because approaches and methods have played a central role in the development of our profession, it will continue to be useful for teachers and student teachers to become familiar with the major teaching approaches and methods proposed for second and foreign language teaching.This session will look into why we should study methodology, the recent changes in ELT and the general Principles of Language Teaching – Learning.

Within this frame work, the context of teaching- learning English in Vietnam, its constraints and opportunities will be discussed, from the perspectives of insiders.Several characteristics will be analyzed, such as the Vietnamese information- based and degree-oriented education, English learned in a foreign language setting, with mainly non-native speaker teachers, limited time allocation and physical conditions, the influences of Vietnamese learning culture and beliefs, sociopolitical conditions, social expectations, emphasis on success on the civil service, individual success in exams reflecting positively not on individuals, but on families and clans. Attention will be focused also on suggested specific techniques to strengthen the opportunities and ease the constraints.