Digital inspirations for young and not so young: Motivating learners, motivating teachers

Heather Barikmo

English-language teachers talk more and more about how to use emerging web-based and mobile technologies to engage students. How are these technologies used in English as a Second Language environments, and can they be used in the same ways in English as a Foreign Language environments? What are the learning benefits of these technologies? The presenters think teachers should expand this conversation and ask: How can we use technology to inspire our own learning and creativity? How can we use technology to communicate better with our colleagues? If we are more inspired and communicate in new ways, how will this benefit our students? The presenters will share examples of web and mobile technology use in their own teaching and professional development, and will discuss the increased learning and engage- ment they have seen among young learners, adult learners, and their teaching colleagues. These examples will include digital storytelling, class and professional development blogs, mobile applications, and various forms of digital multimedia.