Flipping the classroom: using a blended learning approach to actively engage students inside and outside of class

Rebecca Fletcher

In a flipped learning environment, the traditional format of in-class lectures followed by at-home student assignments is turned around or “flipped.” The student is required to watch an instructional video or listen to a lecture at home and then complete associated tasks or projects in the classroom. While this isn’t a new concept-teachers have been assigning pre-tasks to students for decades-the increased accessibility of digital materials has brought this concept into vogue.

Flipping the classroom enables students to have a personalized learning experience because they can work through digital materials at home at their own pace. Additionally, according to Teacher Trainer Gareth Davies, “I have found that digital tools help to engage and motivate students and have helped me to make the time I spend with my students more profitable.” This workshop will explore the concept of flipping the classroom and offer practical ideas for using digital materials to create a successful blended learning experience for students and teachers.