Motivating learners with interactivity & collaboration: Tools & Activities

Ian Bosiak

 Are you looking for creative ways to get your students interacting and collaborating with each other? Planning interactive and collaborative activities with or without technology can be a challenge, but if you get the mix right, your classrooms will transform into idea-rich areas of communication. Technology-based collaborative tools have been helping students and their teachers communicate and share ideas. With technology, learning is moving to areas outside of the traditional classroom. Of course not all schools are equipped with the latest technology. For classrooms without technology, practical in-class activities for motivating students through interactive and collaborative activities can be used. These activities are great ways of turning any traditional, teacher-fronted lesson into environments in which students are taking more control of their learning and having fun doing it. This workshop will briefly explore the benefits of interactivity and collaboration. It will then discuss ways of motivating students with practical tools and activities both with technology and without.