Duong Thi Hoang Oanh

Dr Duong Thi Hoang Oanh obtained a BA in the English language at Hue University (1985), an MA in TESOL at Canberra University (1994), Australia; a PhD in Applied Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (2003), and a Post Doctorate in Management in Higher Education at Yale University, the USA (2007) and a Post Doctorate in International Studies, RMIT, Australia (2010).  Now she is teaching at The International University and serving as the Associate Director, Department of External Relations, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City. Dr Oanh Dương was previously Dean of the International Studies Division (2006); and Dean of the English Department (1999), Hue University- Foreign Language College.

As a teacher, Dr Oanh’s teaching and research interests focus on comparative studies, classroom practices, and learner communicative competence. She has received national and international grants for research on educational reforms, higher education management, and assessment. She has participated as both panel chair and presenter at many conferences in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam. Several of her publications are (Book Chapter) “Global vs. local English: Attitudes and conceptions among educators, administrators and teachers in eight Asian countries” (Springer Publishing Company, New York. 2012. In press.); (Book) “Tertiary Education in America and Vietnam: Educational Structure and Learner Autonomy” (Vietnam National University- Ho Chi Minh city, 2011); (article) “‘Native’ or ‘Non-Native’? A Look at Vietnamese Student Preference for Teachers of English” (The New English Teacher, Thai land, 2011); (Book Chapter) ‘Intercultural Competence and Global Citizenship: The Harmonization of Theory & Practice’ (The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence, USA. 2009- co-author: Mark Ashwill); (Article) ‘Memorization and CLT in Vietnamese Foreign Language Study’ (TESOL Classroom Practice Series-USA, 2009); (Article) ‘Meeting Students’ Needs in the Two EAP Programmes in Vietnam and New Zealand: a Comparative Study’ (RELC, Singapore, 2007); and (Article) ‘Learner Autonomy in an Asian Context: Independent Learning and Independent Work at a University in Vietnam’, Language Teacher Research Asia (LTR Series TESOL, USA, 2006).