Understanding Teenagers' Learning Styles and the Applications


Working with teenagers or parenting them is like going on a roller coaster with many ups and downs with changes so fast that you even can’t recognize them. Therefore, understanding them has never been an easy task to any educators or parents around the world. In terms of their learning, it is fundamental to figure out how they learn and how to help them learn best at school and at home. As educators or parents, have we ever thought about our teenagers’ learning styles and how they affect their success in learning?

Rapid social changes in big cities in Vietnam like HCMC have created a generation of teenagers that are by far different from their parents in the past. The way you learned back then can’t be applied to your teenagers at presents. Understanding their learning styles, therefore, has become a must for successful parents and teachers.

The workshop will give an overview of teenagers’ learning styles is outlined. Then, the parents will practice identifying their children’s styles with guidelines and examples. In the second part of the workshop, real-life activities will be demonstrated to show how teachers apply theories of learning styles to improve students’ learning outcomes. Finally, the parents will be given some helpful ideas to motivate their children’s learning.