Creating the perfect young learners course: A process model for Vietnam

Grant Trew

During many years traveling around Vietnam as a teacher trainer, the presenter collected feedback from teachers about their course materials.

Many reported that local materials tended to be reading heavy, and not very interesting. Others noted that international materials often included activities that don’t work well in Vietnamese classrooms.

At one time or another most teachers have thought that if given the chance, they could do a better job and create the perfect textbook for their classes.

This presentation, will describe the process of planning and writing of the “perfect” course book for the Vietnam. We will discuss the diverse needs and specific circumstances of Vietnamese learners, and look at ways we can use modern techniques and approaches to improve learners communicative competence.

Finally we will explore a new model of publishing that rejects the idea that one textbook can be suitable for the wide range of learners and classrooms. Instead we will look at ways that teachers and publishers can interact more directly to produce materials that better address our real classroom needs.