Glocalization And Vietnam – Maximizing the Benefits

Grant Trew

Glocalization And Vietnam – Maximizing the Benefits

This presentation will start by examining what elements from international ELT can benefit local teachers and learners, and then look at some of the specific reasons why they may require some adaptation to best match the Vietnamese context.

The question of what educators in Vietnam can do, to make best use of international resources and ideas, is a challenging one. The reality is that glocalization is generally seen as being driven by international providers. Current studies on the topic focus mainly on the ways that large global concerns adapt their content to boost sales in local markets. There is very little coverage of the actions these markets can take to play a more active role in this relationship.

So is glocalization a one-way street? Can we assume that international companies who come to market their wares in Vietnam fully understand local needs, and are prepared to invest time and money to accommodate them?

The presenter would like to suggest an alternative model. Rather than passively accepting what is given to us, we should be more proactive in the ways we approach and use international content.

As part of this, the presentation will look at different ways that Vietnamese teachers, students and learning institutions can maximize the benefits from the flow of international information and content in the future.