Principled Eclecticism in Practice: How to Deliver an Effective Lesson

Oliber Bayley

What is Principled Eclecticism? Why is it important? How can we put the core principles of this approach into practice?

The goal of this active, hands-on workshop is to review and understand “Principled Eclecticism”, and to transfer that understanding into an active, engaging and effective learner-centered classroom.

We will first ensure that all participants are familiar and comfortable with “Principled Eclecticism”. (What do we mean by it? How is this different from “Eclecticism”?) Then, working in groups and pairs, we will explore and analyze a model lesson. Participants will reflect on their own classes and teaching style, and guidelines for effective lesson design will be shared and further resources given.

Please note: examples of materials and activities will be taken from a variety of Oxford University Press courses, but principles discussed will be suitable for application to any teaching situation.