Techniques for developing reading & oral fluency

Paul Grainger

With the expanding role of English as a world language, fluency becomes an increasingly important and practical goal for learners. However, in traditional classrooms in Vietnam and many other Asian countries, most of the time is devoted to accuracy-based activities, leaving little or no time for fluency activities.

Without reading fluency, students are often unable to finish reading exams in time, while a lack of oral fluency prevents students from expressing all their ideas effectively. In this talk, the speaker will offer some practical techniques and activities for increasing students’ fluency, focusing mainly on reading & speaking

Two of the main reasons why teachers avoid oral fluency activities in their classes are, firstly, because they are afraid of losing control of the class, and, secondly, they do not know how to cope with students’ errors when they are all speaking at the same time. The speaker will present some practical solutions for classes of any size.