EFL Activity Based teaching

Heather Joy Wright

Motivation and activity based learning, training and development will be studied in detail. ( 10 minutes) • The first golden rule of EFL. Why should we encourage our students with this rule? • Why should we motivate our students? • What is the difference between children, teenage and adult learners? • What is the difference between activity based teaching style and the more standard teaching method

Activities in the classroom.  Demonstration of activities (20 minutes) • We will explore activities where the activities can be adapted to any student level for children, teenagers or adults. The topic may be utilized from any activity and the student speaking ratio well above the required level. 

Teaching listening (10minutes) • We explore the areas of listening and the listening challenges. 


• The teaching tips for the listening skill will be discussed. 

Teaching Pronunciation ( 10 minutes) •    We explore the fundamentals of the speaking skill and the simplicity of the use of tongue     twisters in the classroom for all ages. •    How we can adapt these tongue twisters in many ways.