The effects of technology on young learner classes in Vietnam

Stephen Faulkner

Rapid economic growth in Vietnam has provided the basis for a similar technological growth in the classroom. Technology is increasingly being seen as the ‘golden bullet’ to solve many of the issues surrounding teaching English as a second language but without effective use it can become just another distraction. 21st Century ESL students tend to be technologically confident and are regular users of social media, the internet in general, apps and online games. Even primary school children are exposed to using technology from a young age. A traditional classroom environment of board, pencil and paper is no longer the only way for teachers and students to work together.  The use of technology in the classroom can ensure that students are both motivated and engaged. Technology needs to be introduced into the classroom in a measured and appropriate way to ensure that learning goals are achieved. The use of technology in an ad hoc, unplanned manner can distract from the learning process and complicate the context. It should also be clear that technology cannot replace the teacher and the teacher should be seen as the crucial link between the students and the technology. This workshop will look at the way technology has been applied in the YLE classroom and provide some ideas for how teachers can adapt to and use it effectively.