Ushapa Fortescue is a graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University with over 13 years of teaching experience.

In addition to a CELTA, she also has a Teacher Training certificate for the Post 16 sector and is a qualified and experienced Oxford Teacher’s Academy trainer.

This combination of qualifications means that she has a broad range of teaching experience both in the UK and abroad.

In the UK she has taught in statuary primary and secondary education as well as post 16 adult education, private language schools, Future Education colleges and UK Universities.

The type of students range from very young learners to teenagers, adult general classes’ right up to exam classes and Post Graduate level students.

She has worked in European countries and India and has provided teacher training in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Croatia, Latvia Egypt, China and Vietnam.

This has included model lessons, practical workshops, large scale seminars and plenaries.

She has given a number of Oxford Teacher’s Academy courses.

She is passionate about engaging and encouraging teachers, showing them new ways to motivate their students and passing on a love of learning.