Creating a blend for primary elt

David Kaye

As technology becomes more available and user-friendly, and as connectivity gathers pace in Vietnam, the line between digital immigrants and natives is disappearing, and it seems we are all, inevitably, becoming digital residents. At the same time curriculum changes demand a focus on new 21st century skills, in addition to existing core competencies. This Primary ELT workshop will focus on one popular development - blended learning. First we will look at the wider picture, of how technology is being incorporated into education in different settings around the world, then we will examine the background to blended learning looking at how the term covers a broad spectrum of online facilitated instructional practices. We will pause to ask whether blended models really are effective, whether they fit into the Vietnamese context, and if they can support the development of 21st century skills, before taking part in a practical demonstration of how a blend of online and offline instruction could be used to support the learning of English using our new Primary course, Big English

How? Technology can help in many ways, for example students might download an exam app onto their phone that will give them tips and practice on the move. They may enroll on an online practice course which will help increase their overall language proficiency and skills for the exam. They may also take online practice tests to prepare for the exam. All of these options offer flexibility and allow learners to focus on the areas they need to practice most. They also give students immediate feedback on what they do and their overall progress to give them a clear idea of how prepared they are for the exam they plan to take. This workshop will look at the 'Why and How' and demonstrate examples of online exam related self-study materials for students preparing for both IELTS and FCE published by Macmillan Education. Participants will leave the session with ideas on how technology can help their students prepare and succeed in high-stakes exams