Positive learning results with a tablet-based program

Ian Bosiak

Can tablets really replace textbooks in the classroom? As language educators look for ways to integrate technology in the classroom, publishers are trying to keep up with this demand. But how are they doing this? What are some of the key issues that should direct the development of this new classroom material? Are they producing more than just digitized books or are they really using the features that technology allows? Come and learn how one tablet-based learning program was designed to take full advantage of the technology available. We will examine the key questions that drove its design. We will also consider how technology can create solutions that help teachers, students and parents. We will discuss the implementation, challenges and rewards of a delivering a comprehensive tablet-based learning program. We will also examine the results of a study on the program which indicates that a successful technology-base program is more than just digitizing books - it’s about using the wide range of features and tools that technology allows to help students really succeed.