Glocalisation, a combination of globalisation and localisation. It has become evident in a variety of industries. While glocalisation manifests itself she most in international businesses, the process of glocalisation in academia is also taking place in response to global forces.

So what does glocalisation mean for English Language Teaching? While the trend towards globalisation emphasises the continuing need for teaching and learning English as a global lingua franca, there is an urgent need for a blending of teaching theory, attitudes and strategies from English-speaking countries with the local teaching practices, learning styles and educational contexts to serve the demands of the local learners. The growing phenomenon of English as a lingua franca and the notion of glocalisation has sparked our interest in the theme “GLOCALISED ELT: TRENDS AND PRACTICES”, which will serve as the focal point of the 2018 Annual VUS TESOL Conference.


  • 07:30 – 08:00
  • 08:00 – 08:30
    Opening Ceremony
  • 08:30 – 09:40
    Plenary 1
    Glocalisation and Vietnam – Maximising the Benefits
    Mr. Grant Trew
  1. Coffee Break
    09:40 – 10:00

  2. Engaging with Error Correction: A Framework for Productive Activities
    Mr. Derek ‘Del’ Spafford
    10:00 – 11:00
    Breakout 1

  3. Preparing Local EFL Students for a Global World: Targeted Needs Analysis
    Mr. Gabriel Skop

  4. Five Trends for the Teenage Classroom
    Mr. Steven Happel

  5. Personalisation in an Impersonal World
    Mr. David Persey

  6. Local Response to Glocalised ELT: Practices That Work
    Dr. Le Thi Anh Phuong

  1. Break
    11:00 – 11:10

  2. Teaching Through TPR: The Basics
    Ms. Nina Lauder
    11:10 – 12:10
    Breakout 2

  3. Having Fun with Grammar - Tips and Activities to Make Grammar Instruction More Enjoyable in the Classroom
    Mr. Aaron Seigel

  4. B2 or not B2? Isn’t That the Question?
    Mr. Mike Mayor

  5. Maximising Class Activities to Effectively Suit Teenagers’ Learning Styles
    Mr. Le Dinh Bao Quoc

  1. Lunchtime
    12:10 – 13:10

  2. Pop-up sessions by sponsors
    13:10 – 13:40

  3. Developing Creativity in Our Learners: A Practical Approach
    Mr. Allen Davenport
    13:50 – 14:50
    Breakout 3

  4. Developing EFL Learners with 21st-century Skills via Relevant Adaptation of Textbook Activities
    Mr. Ha Van Sinh

  5. English Language Teaching – One Size Does not Fit All!
    Ms. Ana Bratkovic

  6. Gamifying Your Classroom Through Online Badges
    Mr. Kristof Van Houdt

  7. What Makes a Good Test?
    Ms. Raskin Joanna and Ms. Uyen Pham

  1. Coffee Break
    14:50 – 15:10

  2. Working Hard or Hardly Working? How Attitudes and Life-skills can Affect Language Learning
    Mr. Edmund Dudley
    15:10 – 16:20
    Plenary 2

  3. Closing & Raffle
    16:20 – 16:50


  • Edmund Dudley

    Edmund Dudley
    (Plenary Speaker)

  • Grant Trew

    Grant Trew
    (Plenary Speaker)

  • Gabriel Skop

    Gabriel Skop

  • Ana Bratkovic

    Ana Bratkovic

  • Aaron Seigel

    Aaron Seigel

  • Allen Davenport

    Allen Davenport

  • David Persey

    David Persey

  • Derek Del Spafford

    Derek Del Spafford

  • Ha Van Sinh

    Ha Van Sinh

  • Kristof Van Houdt

    Kristof Van Houdt

  • Le Thi Anh Phuong

    Le Thi Anh Phuong

  • Le Dinh Bao Quoc

    Le Dinh Bao Quoc

  • Mike Mayor

    Mike Mayor

  • Nina Lauder

    Nina Lauder

  • Joanna Raskin

    Joanna Raskin

  • Steven Happel

    Steven Happel

  • Uyen Pham

    Uyen Pham