Le Dinh Bao Quoc holds an MA in TESOL and has been working in the field of ELT for 15 years in Vietnam. His teaching and training experience varies from teaching students of all ages in different classroom settings – public schools, universities and colleges, and private language centers – to training teachers. He also works as an academic researcher on textbooks, a test writer, and a course curriculum designer. He has published many reference books for high school students who is preparing for national tests. Quoc is now an Academic Manager of Vietnam USA Society English Centers (VUS), the biggest state-of-the-art English centers in Vietnam, where he gives training, coaching, and mentoring to teachers to ensure the teaching and learning quality of the center.


Understanding Teenagers' Learning Styles and Their Applications

Working with adolescents is like going on a roller coaster with many ups and downs that changes so fast that you even can’t recognize them. Therefore, understanding them has never been an easy task to teachers around the world. In terms of their learning, it is fundamental to figure out how they learn and how to help them learn best. Have we, as their teachers, ever thought about our teenagers’ learning styles and how they contribute to their success in learning?

This workshop presents an overview of teenagers’ learning styles and how teachers can recognize their learning styles when working with them. Guidelines on how to design effective class activities that suit most learning styles and maximize students’ learning outcome will be mentioned and discussed.

During the workshop, the participants will practice identifying students’ dominant learning styles through examples. Demonstrations of effective activities which are video-taped real-life activities will also be given. The participants will then discuss and point out the advantages and shortcomings of the activities. Finally, the participants will be asked to design learning style based activities and share with the other.