Nina Lauder, born in Canada, now living in Seville, Spain, is a certified Oxford University Teacher Trainer, and an ELT and CLIL expert who has been working in the field of education for decades. She works as a teacher, facilitator and coursebook author, has handled tasks in over thirty countries, and has collaborated with the British Council, Bell International and the Spanish Ministry of Education on professional development programmes. She has recently co-authored books for the Think! Do! Learn! series (OUPE-CLIL). She is also the author of JET: Projects across the Curriculum (Mary Glasgow Magazines), co-author of the Explorers series (OUP), and has written worksheets and activities for Dancing English. She was the editor of the Oxford Magazine at OUP Spain for several years, and currently works as an educational consultant in schools throughout Spain. For more information, visit her website:


Teaching Through TPR: The Basics
James Asher, a professor of psychology at San Jose State University, California, developed the Total Physical Response (TPR) teaching method which aims to teach language through physical activity. In TPR classes learners listen to commands in the target language and respond with physical actions. Eventually, when learners become familiar and confident with instructions, they can begin to give commands to one another. This teaching approach is very popular nowadays with teachers who are working with young learners as it improves their listening comprehension and appeals to their already active and energetic natures. In this session we will discuss the benefits of using TPR with young learners and take a look at how teachers use this methodology in their lessons.