Gabriel Skop, an ESL instructor at LaGuardia Community College and New York City College of Technology, has close to four decades of experience in teaching and teacher training. His interest in both his own professional development as well as that of his colleagues has led him to training and curriculum development projects from Budapest (as a consultant with the Hungarian Ministry of Education) to Dubai (EFL instructor at Sheikh Zayed University), Russia (Senior English Language Fellow with the US Department of State) and beyond. Gabriel takes particular interest in how to raise levels of student engagement along with how to increase student autonomy in the classroom. All of his work is grounded in the training in experiential education he received at the School for International Training. He looks forward to the opportunity to learn more about teaching during his time in Vietnam.


Preparing Local EFL Students for a Global World: Targeted Needs Analysis
Examples of glocalisation are visible throughout the world. McDonald’s restaurants are global, but in Vietnam the MacDonald’s Pork Burger is a local specialty. But how does the concept of glocalisation apply to the teaching of English in Vietnam? One trend in English-language learning across the globe is preparation for university entrance – in other words, studying to take TOEFL and/or IELTS. While these tests are unavoidable for students headed for the university, the course materials may lack local, culturally-relevant knowledge. As a result, students may become bored and disengaged. In this workshop, participants will explore ways to incorporate the Language Experience Approach (LEA), which helps build students’ language skills through content elicited from the students themselves. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in several typical LEA course activities and will be provided with additional practical resources.