Derek Spafford - (MA TESOL; Dip.TESOL) is the regional teacher trainer and academic consultant for Macmillan Education. He has been working in ELT for over 20 years. His experience includes 11 years with the British Council in Thailand, where he has planned and delivered teacher professional development in a variety of contexts including both private and public schools. He is a passionate educator and publisher and thrives on integrating research-based methods and ideas into courses and supporting teachers to implement effective learning strategies in the classroom.


Utilizing Technology to Motivate Secondary Students
Secondary students have lots to think about and generally learning English can come a close second to other aspects of their lives. Teachers need to understand this and use different techniques to gain and then maintain students’ focus and engagement. In this session we will look at the key elements of motivation and what teachers can do to increase participation of students using different aspects of technology. Participants will look at a variety of engaging practical activities and tools and apply them to their own teaching contexts and classes. We will look at how some ‘low tech’ activities and tasks can be transformed into a more ‘high tech’ world and provide a different audience and as a result increased motivational factors for students. The session will provide attendees with some real examples from the field, putting into practice the ideas put forward in the session.