Dr Ha Van Sinh is the founder (1994) and currently Director of PTC Language Center in Nha Trang. Working as an EFL classroom teacher and teacher-trainer since 1979, he has many opportunities meeting with English teachers and lecturers from North to South, from pre-school to university institutions. His research and life experience in Australia (MA study in Adelaide under Australia Awards program, PhD study in Melbourne, professional development at the Center for English - University of Sydney under the Australian Executive Award Program) and in the US (Fulbright Visiting Scholar at University of Pennsylvania) also enriches his career in teacher-training and language education management.


One benefit of technology integration in language education is “mobility”, in which course materials are no more confined to a textbook but accessed on smartphones, tablets (FluentU, 2018). Nowadays, smartphones are so ubiquitous that language learners expect to use them in schools as part of their lives (Stephens & Pantoja, 2016). In Vietnam, an increase in smartphone owners seems to speed up an integration of smartphones into an EFL class. This presentation will discuss the mobility of smartphones as an effective teaching and learning tool, its benefits and how they can be used in the classroom to enhance learner independence motivation and engagement. Classroom activities with smartphones such as “Tell me who”, “Here’s my favorite celebrity”, “Call and Solve!”, “Brush up your roles”, “Writing screenplays”, “V-log homework”, etc. will be illustrated during the presentation. These activities make the best of smartphone functions such as camera, Internet connectivity, telephoning and messaging.