Nguyen Thi Hoai An holds a Master Degree in TESOL (University of Canberra). Since the beginning of her EFL teaching and teacher training career, An has focused on helping her students create and increase their intrinsic motivation in learning. She believes that students should be allowed to be as creative as possible in expressing themselves. She was a member of the Asian Creative Writing Group with a number of short stories and poems published. Technology development is language teaching has been an area of interest of her daily teaching and training.


Teaching English with Technology: From The Perspective of a Non-Digital Native Teacher
It is undeniable that technology has played an essential role in the 21st century language teaching. On one hand, English teachers cannot say the materials from their textbooks are sufficient for their classroom teaching while their students, even in remote places, have access to enormous resources on the Internet. More interesting exercises with animated effects or applications on the mobile phone have provided both the teacher and learners new ways to communicate and made it possible for distance learning.

On the other hand, several teachers have shown concerns about technological application that may cause issues in language teaching and learning. For example, the use of SMS language may have a negative influence on teenagers’ learning outcomes. Learners may spend too much time on various applications instead of focusing on their actual learning.

This session will present the outlook of a non-digital native teacher. The presentation will also share the presenter’s suggestions of applying technology in language teaching. Should or shouldn’t technology be used in the teaching context in Vietnam?